Currently looking for my new colleague in fully remote start-up project.

Senior SW Developer or Senior DevOps Engineer

In 2020 we started building Computer vision app for instance segmentation of pathologies in human eye. It is R&D project with 250 000 CPU hours of calculations and neural networks training on Czech supercomputers. Minimum viable product is done. Greenfield devs jumped to another projects and now we are looking for brownfield / bluefield SW Developers.


  • C# 10
  • .NET 6 (.NET 7 is comming in end of 2022)
  • EF Core
  • MSSQL (we do not use SQL - everything is managed trough EF)
  • RabbitMQ, SignalR
  • Tensorflow, Keras, ONNX, Microsoft ML
  • Python (just several scripts for NN training)
  • javascript, node, ts (one simple UI)
  • Nginx, Kestrel, IIS
  • Azure DevOps
  • Ubuntu 20.04 LTS & Windows 10
  • nVidia GPU with Cuda compute capablity 7.5 & 8.6 (CUDA 10 & 11)

If you are interested in our project do NOT send me your CV. I do not care about your past. Just call me / send me email and lets talk about future - your wishes, expectations, knowledge, experiences and skills.